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Booklet Vastipatrak Vs Vastipatrak
Goal of Vastipatrak Booklet:
“Traditional Vastipatrak Booklet Goal is to Keep Connected every member of the Modh Vanik Samaj as Family(KUTUMB) and make Modh Vanik samaj’s members interact with each others and share the information of Family (KUTUMB) in prospect of social upliftment of Modh Vanik Samaj.”
Limitation of Vastipatrak Booklet

1. Vastipatrak Booklet comes every Five to Seven years. So, many times it is not properly updated due to lack of updated information regarding member’s family details, their updated contact information, information regarding their children’s education and their children’s age which is to be concerned for matrimonial aspect.

2. In Vastipatrak Booklet if by mistake any information which has been printed is wrong or incomplete or not updated then it is not serving the purpose of Modh Vanik Samaj and their registered members.

3. Main limitation of Vastipatrak Booklet is one can not update their family details once Booklet is printed and have to wait for years to update their family information in next edition of Vastipatrak Booklet. And that’s very discouraging aspect of use of Vastipatrak in this modern and fast changing life.

4. Vastipatrak Booklet is something which doesn’t match with today’s busy life where you don’t get much time to spend to read Vastipatrak booklet and interact with fellow Modh Vanik members with same interest.
Main Goal of Vastipatrak
“ Vastipatrak’s main Goal starts with the basic goal which is to make Vastipatrak booklet more effective plus to provide platform to interact not only one Modh Vanik Samaj’s Members but with all Modh Vanik community/samaj world wide at one platform and provide updated Vastipatrak. blends perfect with the traditional Vastipatrak values with latest edge technology and presents it effectively with user friendly envorment. “
Modh Vanik Federation Vastipatrak has two perspectives. One is for Samaj’s member and Second is for Samaj it self
  • Vastipatrak Benefit for Modh Vanik Samj’s Members:
    • 1. Samaj’s member can go online and updates there family information like contact information, residence/office address, their children’s information regarding education, matrimonial detail, regularly with there login ID and Password in a very secure and user friendly environment. Member can also add, edit, and delete family members.

      2. Samaj’s member can update their information online at their convenience and they can update their family profile from any part of the world. Members don’t have to put any efforts like writing a letter or to visit at Samaj office or to file a new form for updated information.

      3. Samaj’s members have unique option to enable matrimonial option for there young children. So member children detail will come in matrimonial search and they can have optimal search result for there young children within Modh Vanik community it self.

      4. Samaj’s Member can search Vastipatrak online with Advance search option and they can view optimal search result in their selected short order like first order, second order and so on. Members can also select format like Family wise, Row wise, and Person wise. Basically member can select how they want to view Vastipatrak in a very user friendly environment.

      5. Modh Vanik Samaj’s member can search their fellow Modh Vanik members with search criteria like Name wise, Surname wise, City wise, Aria wise, blood group wise with blood donor wise, profession wise, education wise, sub cast wise and much more.

      6. Samaj’s member can print Vastipatrak as their define search and they have option to print single record and multiple records selection printing.

      7. gives Advance Vastipatrak option through which Samaj members can search Multiple Vastipatrak Search by selecting others Samaj Vastipatrak also.

      8. Vastipatrak gives maximum benefit to Modh Vanik samaj’s members and makes Online Vastipatrak valuable in their busy life. And makes them feel connected with their social and religious activities.
  • Vastipatrak Benefit for Modh Vanik Samaj
    • 1. Online Vastipatrak will give every Samaj a unique web identity.

      2. All registered member of the Samaj will go online and update their family information. So, Samaj can have updated Vastipatrak every time and all the time without intensive administrative efforts which they do normally in Vastipatrak booklet.

      3. Samaj will have their social statistical data in various report form with all the time updated information from their Modh Vanik members.

      4. Modh Vanik Samaj will have unique option of label printing for their all members.

      5. Basically Modh Vanik Samaj can Stay connected with their member all the time and make members connected all the time also.

      6. One of the major benefits for Modh Vanik Samaj by Vastipatrak is to inspire young Modh Vaniks to connect with their Modh Vanik community/ Modh Vanik Samaj world wide. And to achieve true values of Vastipatrak in today’s fast changing life and make difference of social and religious upliftment of Modh Vanik Samaj. Vastipatrak truly achieves goal without affecting the vision behind Traditional “VASTIPATRAK”.
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