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About Us
સંસ્થા પરિચય શ્રી મોઢવણિક જ્ઞાતિના પૂવૅજાનું ઉદગમ સ્થાન ગુજરાત રાજયના મહેસાણા જિલ્લાના "મોઢેરા" મુકામે આવેલ છે. મોઢેરાની પવિત્ર ભુમિ કે જયાં સુર્યમંદિર તેમજ સમગ્ર મોઢ પરિવારના કુળદેવી મા શ્રી મોઢેસ્વરી માતાનું અદબુત્ સ્થાન બિરાજમાન છે. તેવા પવિત્ર અને સંસ્કારમય પ્રદેશમાંથી શ્રી મોઢવણિક સમાજના પરિવારોનું જન્મસ્થાન ગણવામાં આવે છે. આ વાત સૈકાઓ પુરાણી છે. જેનો ઉલ્લેખ ઈતિહાસવિદોએ ઈતિહાસમાં નોંધ્યો છે. "Modh Vanik Federation is only portal in the world who connect all Modh Vanik Federation / Community on one platform to make them able to interact with different Samaj’s members and provide them latest updated VASTIPATRAK of different Modh Vanik Federation. Portal provides latest Modh Vanik religious information. Portal also provides facilitates to Modh Vanik Federation to reach their members at only one click using latest internet technologies."
1. To integrate the entire Modh Vanik Community/Samaj on a single platform.
2. To inspire young Modh Vaniks to connect with their Community/Samaj world-wide.
3. To provides latest Modh Vanik religious information.
4. To provide Community/Samaj services like updated VASTIPATRAK, matrimonial search, Modh Vanik Member search with deferent criteria such as Name, Area, City, Education, Profession, Blood group, Sub caste, Birth Date, Marriage Date etc.
5. To provide updated information with optimal search using latest edge technology and share it with Modh Vanik Community/Samaj members.
What Is Vastipatrak
Booklet Vastipatrak Vs Vastipatrak
Top portal is only portal which connects all Modh Vanik Community/Samaj world wide. The contents of the portal blend perfect with the traditional values with latest technology. Vision behind the Portal is to bring all Modh Vanik Community/Samaj and their members at one platform and provides updated information like VASTIPATRAK, Matrimonial Search, Modh Vanik Member, Friend and relative Search with various Samaj reports and analyses regarding social structure and their development. Share the news and events, to inspire young generation to connect with their social and religious values. Portal provides latest Modh Vanik religious information. Portal provides all Modh Vanik Community/Samaj facility to administrate more effectively in user friendly environment with latest edge technology.
Now, anybody wants to know about you and your family its just single click,, the Portal is having all information about more than 7,000+ Modh Vanik families with deferent Samaj. “Online VastiPatrak” of various Modh Vanik Federation provides unique facilities for this generation.
This Portal viewed by thousands of people world wide per month, average of 90,000+ Hits reported, people really take advantage from this Portal and give lots of complements as well as suggestion to make this Portal more interesting and attracting, constant development work is under progress on the bases of suggestions.
This Portal needs two types of people
First who can gather deferent Modh Vanik Federation and any events organized in local place, and encourage every Modh Vanik and their Samaj about Vision and Goal of this portal. Show Benefit from Modh Vanik Federation prospective and for their members prospective. Make them inspire regarding Vision and Mission of this portal and achieve the objectives rather than marketing of the portal because Modh Vanik Federation is Social portal with a Very deep thought full process of connecting All Modh Vanik Federation on a one single platform and providing various facilities and make deference in every Modh Vanik’s life.
Second type of people who can support us by their suggestions and comments. And help us to make the “Modh Vanik Federation” more and more effective and useful for all fellow Modh Vanik community.
So come forward and be a supporting in any mode as the member of
Modh Vanik Federation provides various facilities like, Modh Vanik "VASTIPATRAK" , Modh Vanik Member Search with various search criteria , Modh Vanik Federation search, Modh Vanik Matrimonial services, and various reports and analized data of Modh Vanik community and Samaj to its registered members and various registered samaj. To get this all above valuable services, user needs to register himself / herself with the portal.
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